About me

I am a career and leadership coach with over 10 years of experience in talent development and management. I chose to study psychology because I have always been intrigued by the human psyche and its potential. I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Media and have 18 years of diverse working experience. See details on my LinkedIn profile.

My coaching mission is to support rising and seasoned leaders to decide on their next career step and make choices for a wholesome life.

Here’s why I may be the right fit for you if you are looking for:

Career Coaching

I have working experience in various fields, such as psychology, military, media, customer service, and human resources. Being a generalist for many years, I spent a few years trying to find the right job for me. I spent weeks and months in positions where I felt stagnated, but I was too paralyzed to make life-changing career decisions. Having worked in five countries (Greece, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Luxembourg) and living away from home for 11 years, I understand what expat life feels like, and how challenging it is to leave everything behind to pursue a new opportunity in a new country.

Leadership Coaching

During 2017, I facilitated talent development workshops all over Europe for frontline and mid-level managers. For the next four years, I managed global leadership development programs with more than 5,000 leaders at all tiers, sharpening my international leadership skills and my awareness of how different cultures shape different leadership styles. Since moving to AWS, my job as a Senior Talent Business Partner is focused more on designing strategies that can maximize retention, employee wellbeing, and career development. I understand not only what leaders need to feel fulfilled, but also what their employees need to remain engaged and maximize their potential.

Related Professional Certifications

  • The Science of Happiness at Work, University of California, Berkeley (in progress)
  • Executive Presence and Influence: Persuasive Leadership Development, Wharton Executive Education (2022)
  • Professional Coaching, Academy of Creative Coaching (2021)
  • International Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Universit√† Bocconi (2020)

How my coaching approach is different

As a leadership & career coach with a deep interest in meditation, mindfulness, and neuroscience, I have come to the conclusion that deep mind training is a crucial component in attaining both success and happiness in life. It can change the way we see the world, how we interact with others, and how we relate to life events that we cannot control.

Far too often, leaders become overly focused on their careers, neglecting other important aspects of their lives, such as family, friends, and physical and mental well-being. This narrow focus can lead to resentment, regret, and damaged relationships. By considering all aspects of their lives, leaders are able to achieve sustainable success and fulfillment, and truly thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Read my coaching values.

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