Career Spotlight: Software Delivery Manager

Hi! My name is Vassilis Hardalias, and I am a Software Delivery Manager with 10+ years of experience.

Describe your profession to a 6-year-old child.

I help the people who write mobile applications to make them perfect

What is the most common thing people say when they find out what you do?

“Can you help me with a problem I have on my laptop / tablet /phone?”

What is the one thing they don’t ask but you would like them to?

What is the most important skill you believe you have in order to do your job?

What is the biggest misconception you/others have had about your profession?

That I know everything about computers / tablets /phones.

What is the one thing you are most proud of about your job?

Working with other people as a team.

Name the three things that require most of your attention each week.

The health (mental and physical) of my team, the technical performance of the software we produce, and the strategic alignment of the tasks my team has.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be successful in your profession?

Be a team player always sharing your knowledge.

What are the key leadership skills required to do your job well?

Build relationships, communicate clearly, create accountability, develop people, make sound decisions.

If you think of successful leaders in your space, what are their leadership qualities you admire?

Decisiveness, humility, open-mindedness, trust, willingness to learn.

How would you like your profession to look in 10 years?

More human oriented.

Describe how your job can contribute to making the world a better place.

We build software to help people manage their problems. If we succeed, people are happy and this makes the world a better place.



I am a Certified Scrum Master and Agile enthusiast.

I firmly believe in teamwork and excellent communication between team members as well as stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity and delivery of business values. I also believe in empowering teams and ensuring excellent communication as the basis of any kind of progress and success in project delivery.

I am an experienced IT professional with a solid background in Software Delivery management and Continuous Delivery. I have obtained broad knowledge of multiple technologies and the Java stack, across different team formations and mentalities.

I would like to consider myself as extremely organizational, very communicative, creative and highly adaptable as well as an excellent team player with a positive attitude.

My career objective is to strive for excellence in the IT industry, by promoting Scrum, teamwork, communication and continuous delivery in an agile environment.

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